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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Workday 7/11/2020
18 photos - updated 7/19/2020
2019 Poker Run
31 photos - updated 5/13/2019
2017 Hot Dog Race
12 photos - updated 12/31/2017
New trail signs for the next phase of our trail program. More details to come...
8/2/16 Single track trail signs
1 photos - updated 8/2/2016
Thanks to Ernie Henriksen, Steven Hollins, Donnie Walker, Jess McLain and Jesse Hall, we knocked out two bridges one across from Shortcut rd (first pic) on trail we'll be adding to the map and on Jess
Bridge Building
9 photos - updated 8/1/2016
Dolphus Rd at least half way is trimmed and cleared better than I've ever seen it thanks to Ivan Eldridge most of the small little limbs and trigs were left were they fell but it's nothing that will h
Dolphus Rd at least half way is trimmed
2 photos - updated 8/1/2016
The Old Dam Rd(#42) bypass is complete. Old trail going through the creek had been barricaded! Now off to see what else we might can fix on this beautiful day!
The Old Dam Rd(#42) bypass is complete.
3 photos - updated 8/1/2016
Help keep Westpoint Beautiful
Westpoint Scenery
6 photos - updated 8/1/2016
Carder Pass is trimmed up nice!
May 15 Carder Pass Cleaned up
3 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Sxs and ATV trail notes: Larry rd and no mans land beyond trail 80 and 79 merge are closed, both of these trails lead off property with no other outlets. A lot of new barricade tape (3000 ft) and sign
May 15 Trail work
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Look for this on Robinson Rd to start the Single Track loop for bike route.
May 20 "Single track"work
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
I can only say WOW! And wheeeeew!What a great day in Westpoint , TN . Thank you to the many folks that came out and supported NATRA , in our efforts to help the Lift up Westpoint fundraiser and achie
May 22 "Poker Run"
16 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Guys this makes me proud to be apart of NATRA ....tonight all the sweat , blood , and briers was forgot when we presented the check to Lift Up WestPoint playground fund ..... Thanks again you have hel
May 24 "lift up WP" Check presentation.
4 photos - updated 7/31/2016
More new trail and optional trails in No Mans Land.
June 3 2016 New "single track" in no mans land
5 photos - updated 7/31/2016
I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved with the Poker Run and West Point, and specials thanks to the businesses that donated the prizes for the giveaways!
May 29 Mathew & Lynn Leslie
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
This is my motivation to keep NATRA going strong!
May 30 James Coggin
4 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Had a great time this weekend with good friends at West Point
May 30 Aaron Litton
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
One of my reasons to work for NATRA !
May 30 Jess and Brandon
4 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Please respect these when you see them. The trail turns to single track and there is no outlet for four wheel traffic.
May 27 2016 signs
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
The Bike trail entrance from Gas stop to No Mans Land has been moved down the road about 50'. The trail has been re-routed around the beat up pot hole infested trail. It's well arrowed and trimmed all
June 1st 2016 New "Single track"
2 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Green arrows are two track trails for all vehicles. Orange arrows are single track for bikes. If you are on a bike trail and come across a section like the one pictured, make sure to follow the correc
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Burnt truck is still being ridden, additional fencing and cameras were installed, we are going to have re routes done soon please stay off this trail. The re routes will be better that the original tr
Burnt Truck hill re-rout
2 photos - updated 7/31/2016
How cool is this? While traveling down Ore Rd this morning I get a chance to watch a hellecopter land on the top of a truck! AFM is spraying some chemicals and that guy was re-filling his tank!
June 23rd Spraying
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
#47 Dawson Drive is rerouted! It's hot though! Boy it's hot!!! Thanks to Robbie Clark and Brandon McLain.
#47 Dawson Drive is rerouted!
4 photos - updated 7/31/2016
All riders!! From the end of Lynn Rd trail 47 back toward Ore Rd has been rerouted for environmental requirements. The new route comes out directly across fro log truck parking. This is a 2 way trail
June 25 2016 work day
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
If you ride Westpoint this weekend you will likely see a few barrier fences like these. We are using these to clearly show areas that the land owners have asked us to avoid due to excessive erosion an
July 1 re-routs
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Chigger Pass is under construction, it is passable, however because it's not finished it is very tight. Please don't go down it if you are concerned about scratching your unit. It runs very close to a
Chigger Pass
2 photos - updated 7/31/2016
The east end of #67 microwave rd has been re routed, it and #69 husquvarna rd share the entrance from the creek, follow the arrows up the hill.
More trail re-routs
3 photos - updated 7/31/2016
The north west end of #70 Chiefs cutoff has been re routed to join with Mac lane on the ridge rather than at the creek, please follow the arrows.
#70 Cheifs Cutoff Re-Rout
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016
Very proud of this young man. Seth Johnston picked up trash all day today in Westpoint all by himself. You can't tell me that people don't love this place and want to keep it! Please honor this young
New Generation of workers 1
1 photos - updated 7/31/2016